Ventilex has systematically integrated the criteria for LEED certification into its processes and techniques...

Upscale residential sector

There are no small projects for Ventilex. All these projects are treated with the same attention to detail...

Institutional sector

Hospitals, research labs, nursing homes, universities, and other learning institutions...

Industrial and commercial

Ventilex designs and manufactures custom-made systems and spare parts from galvanized steel, satin steel...

Innovative projects

The challenges are part of our daily tasks at Ventilex. Each of these challenges requires a solution. The fight against time is a constant struggle: especially in such strategic projects as the Deloitte Tower, in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Thus, all parts, components and ducts, even oversized pieces of the Deloitte Tower systems, for example, must be delivered, handled, assembled and installed at the right time, so as not to delay anything in perpetual motion that drives the choreography of building of the tower.

In the morning, all the Ventilex employees activate and trigger the deployment of operations: less than 2 hours later, everything is in place! A challenge brilliantly met!

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Ventilex supports its industrial and commercial customers, such as institutional and residential high-end with a customized preventive maintenance service that carries substantial savings in the short, medium and long term: this often avoids the cost of replacing such expensive and unpredictable devices. This is its contribution to maintain of a maximum return on investment.

In addition, a experimented team of certified technicians responds to emergency calls and troubleshooting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. Here again, the expertise of Ventilex is proper to extend the useful life of equipment with a view on cost savings, on comfort and on the respect of the environmental concerns in mind.

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Tôlerie Mirabel’s 12,000-square foot plant processes light sheet-metal on a technological production line inspired by the most sophisticated industrial models, like the famous kaizen system : based on the principle of continuous improvement.


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