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Ventilex was founded in 1975 and Gabriel Ragot took the reins as president and CEO in 1981. Over time, Ventilex’s succession plan became a priority—a way of securing the company’s future. In 1985 Ragot put technologist Yves Rousseau in charge of the construction and project management departments. Rousseau rose quickly, becoming a shareholder in 1988 and later the company president. Former controller and current Ventilex CEO, COO, and shareholder, Hughes Vallée set up rigorous financial and project management systems to ensure the company’s long-term development and prosperity. Ventilex is now one of the most dynamic and promising SMEs on Quebec’s economic scene and boasts a rapidly increasing annual business volume in an era of sustainable development marked by the constant pursuit of a greener economy. Ventilex’s production criteria and methods are constantly being redefined according to LEED standards and requirements.

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Ventilex has systematically integrated the criteria for LEED certification into its processes and techniques; as a result, many of our buildings are LEED-certified buildings!

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