Institutional sector

Hospitals, research labs, nursing homes, universities, and other learning institutions choose Ventilex systems for their efficiency and compliance with ever-stricter public health standards.

Ventilex ventilation systems control the flow of ambient air while filtering out harmful dust mites and bacterial agents. The systems are designed for optimal ventilation and energy efficiency, and help balance the ambient temperature for a clean and comfortable environment.

Ventilex has made a very high specialty in the execution of strategic projects related to cleanrooms. Moreover, the company is entitled to deliver any type of cleanrooms, from Class 1000, as far as Class 10 000 and even Class 100 000. Ropack is one of the finest examples. A brief tour into the Ropack’s website will convince you:

For Ropack as well as the entire pharmaceutical industry, cleanroom integrity is a first class issue.

Similar projects have been carried out at Pharmascience and Valeant. At Pharmascience, Ventilex has implemented the ventilation process with controlled-atmosphere of 2 packaging lines for dry goods.

In the case of Valeant, the project was to implement, withnin only two months, a packaging process in a controlled-atmosphere with ventilation with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrester ) filtration on the inlet and outlet of the room.

realisation leed

Ventilex has systematically integrated the criteria for LEED certification into its processes and techniques; as a result, many of our buildings are LEED-certified buildings!

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