Upscale residential sector

There are no small projects for Ventilex. All these projects are treated with the same attention to detail, the same enthusiasm and the same approach to quality!

The business model also focuses Ventilex's personalized approach to meet the needs of developers or private customers in the upscale residential area, in accordance with their respective budgets.

Our customers are always looking to increase the added value on their residences and housing complexes. We offer them a full range of services that fall well within their budget and other constraints. No matter how big the project, Ventilex always provides the same advanced technology.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority—our teams strive to IMPROVE THE VALUE OF THE BUILDING or RESIDENCE, increase comfort levels, and extend the ventilation systems’ longevity.

realisation leed

Ventilex has systematically integrated the criteria for LEED certification into its processes and techniques; as a result, many of our buildings are LEED-certified buildings!

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