Innovatives projects

The challenges are part of our daily tasks at Ventilex. Each of these challenges requires a solution. The fight against time is a constant struggle: especially in such strategic projects as the Deloitte Tower, in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Thus, all parts, components and ducts, even oversized pieces of the Deloitte Tower systems, for example, must be delivered, handled, assembled and installed at the right time, so as not to delay anything in perpetual motion that drives the choreography of building of the tower.

In the morning, all the Ventilex employees activate and trigger the deployment of operations: less than 2 hours later, everything is in place! A challenge brilliantly met!


realisation leed

Ventilex has systematically integrated the criteria for LEED certification into its processes and techniques; as a result, many of our buildings are LEED-certified buildings!

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