VENTILEX gives a $ 1000.00 scholarship to a student of CEGEP Ahuntsic.

VENTILEX remet une bourse de 1000.00 $ à un étudiant du CÉGEP Ahuntsic.Mr. Aubry received his award from the hands of Mr. Yves Rousseau, president of VENTILEX, one of the industry leaders in ventilation in Quebec. Mr. Rousseau said VENTILEX could only rejoice of the love of excellence and passion demonstrated by the young winner. Mr. Rousseau has also indicated that the company would be happy to welcome him to his team after his studies.

For VENTILEX, sponsorship of students of the college community is part of the mission of the company that is part of the development of its social involvement. Mr. Rousseau, moreover, insisted that all companies should show interest and active involvement in the rising generation that will have a definite influence on the development and growth of our businesses.

The president has said VENTILEX even more convinced of the need to engage over the reality of SMEs, since over 65% of them will have their founders and owners heading into retirement.

Mr. Rousseau has concluded that it was the social responsibility of entrepreneurs to make room and prepare the next generation, while many family firms are on track to be a transmission to young shareholders owners.

For VENTILEX the active involvement of companies in the implementation of proactive measures and practical steps contribue to help combat the dropout at a time when young people are looking for challenges and promising future.


Source : Yves Rousseau, président

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