Ventilex of Saint-Eustache wins one of the most important ventilation and air conditioning contracts awarded in the Quebec construction industry in recent years

Montreal, January 27, 2014 – Already in the midst of executing number large projects, Ventilex Inc. of Saint-Eustache confirmed today the firm has been awarded one of the most important contracts in recent years in Quebec’s construction industry for ventilation and air conditioning in a high-rise building. The contract was awarded by the CAL/PCL consortium.

The President of Ventilex, Yves Rousseau, says the 10 million dollar contract is for the design and installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems in Cadillac Fairview Corporation’s prestigious Deloitte Tower, Montreal’s first 26-storey building. The tower’s construction began in October 2012 near the Bell Centre in the city’s downtown core, and is aiming to obtain the highly coveted LEED™ Platinum Certification. It will be completed in June 2015.

For Mr. Rousseau, this mandate represents a major challenge for the company, and speaks volumes about the confidence Quebec’s avant-garde promoters and builders have in the expertise of Ventilex and its employees, who have worked hard to build the company’s impeccable reputation over many years.

« Above all this is evidence of the capacity of Ventilex to deliver added value ventilation and air conditioning systems that are safe and economical, and that come in on budget and without surprises, thanks to a design assist method », says Mr. Rousseau. This method is used to guarantee the final price and respect allocated budgets.

This major contract is the largest in this history of Ventilex, which was founded in 1975. It comes at a time when the company has recently won LEED certification for a number of innovative projects. These include the installation of sophisticated ventilation and air conditioning systems in the VISTAL 1 & 2 Towers, EVOLO 1 & 2, the Montreal Biodiversity Centre, and the Maison du Développement durable, the most ecological commercial building in all of Quebec. The company was also responsible for work at the headquarters of the Quebec Construction Commission (CCQ), a completely LEED-certified building located at the corner of Crémazie and Christophe-Colomb, in the northern part of Montreal.

According to the President of Ventilex, the challenge posed by the Deloitte Tower, with ventilation and air conditioning systems serving 514,000 square feet, is similar in many ways to the system installed during construction of the EVOLO 1 Tower on Nun’s Island. That project required at least 15 months of intense work by the company’s employees to complete an installation of unprecedented scope, a system to serve a 33 storey building, including two entire floors of mechanical rooms.

Ventilex offers promoters, builders and building managers of all sorts the kind of expertise that relies on a constant search for original products and solutions, and for innovations to tackle the mostly complex ventilation projects and their constraints. Ventilex is committed to maintaining the most rigorous standards of quality, in order to maintain its hard-earned reputation as the gold standard in the ventilation industry.

Mr. Rousseau concluded by stating that Ventilex is will continue to assert its proven leadership position when it comes to innovation and technological advances, in order to contribute even more effectively to the reduction of energy costs associated with the operation of large buildings.

Ventilex propose aux promoteurs, constructeurs et exploitants d’immeubles de toute nature une démarche de recherche constante de solutions-produits originales capables d’innovation face aux contraintes particulières associées aux projets les plus complexes soulevés en matière de ventilation. À ce chapitre, Ventilex entend continuer à imposer les normes les plus rigoureuses de qualité dans l’optique de demeurer la référence en matière de ventilation dans l’industrie. vueDelEst

Monsieur Rousseau a conclu en affirmant que Ventilex souhaitait continuer à assurer un leadership réel et concret au plan de l’innovation et de l’avancement technologique afin de pouvoir contribuer toujours plus efficacement à la réduction de la facture énergétique associée à l’exploitation des grands immeubles.


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