Ventilex’s business model

At Ventilex, we offer our diverse clientele a flexible and effective business model, be it for turnkey projects or more elaborate projects with detailed plans and estimates.


For over 35 years, Ventilex has helped shape Quebec’s architectural landscape by manufacturing and supplying ventilation products and systems to buildings that form the province’s urban heritage.

Ventilex is the go-to provider of ventilation systems for wastewater stations and other ventilation systems for industrial, commercial, professional/multi-unit real estate, institutional, and upscale residential buildings.

The creativity of architects, designers and engineers has been matched with the expertise of experts, technicians, designers and metalworkers of the company who work in their own individual mandates with the thoroughness of the clockmaker, the accuracy and precision of the craftsman.

Meeting challenges and finding solutions to even the wildest requests is all in a day’s work for the Ventilex experts, who won’t be satisfied by anything short of perfection! That’s our management and staff’s credo—a credo shared by the teams at Ventilex’s manufacturing subsidiary and crown jewel, Tôlerie Mirabel.

realisation leed

Ventilex has systematically integrated the criteria for LEED certification into its processes and techniques; as a result, many of our buildings are LEED-certified buildings!

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