About us

Who are we?

Ventilex was founded in 1975 and has made its way over time to the next generation to ensure its continuity. In 2019, the Saint-Eustache company joins the large leprohon family by the name ventilex and will consequently become the fifth branch of the Maître Celsius group. The great complementarity of ventilex and leprohon makes it possible to combine leprohon’s sales force with ventilex’s expertise in design, ventilation and production. Mr. Yves Rousseau’s skills in business development and Mr. Hughes Vallée’s experience and knowledge in project management are added in the perspective of continuity and growth of the group. With this acquisition, the group opens the doors of the Montreal market to launch itself to new horizons.


Our vision : be known as THE Maître ès Celcius. Nowadays, ventilex and Maître ès Celcius are refrigeration specialists, tinsmiths, mechanical building technicians, draftsmen, engineers and an administrative team working to achieve the same goal. Our objective is providing solutions adapted to our customers’ needs and assisting them in this experience, which combines our knowledge and our interpersonal skills. With a vehicle fleet of more than 16 trucks, our team members are dedicated in putting forward the company’s values : innovation, partnership, commitment and the relationship with the customer.